Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Almost Three!

My daughter’s almost 3! Exactly one month to go and she’ll soon celebrate her 3rd birthday! Isn’t that exciting? What’s more exciting to look forward on this occasion is that my eldest sister and elder brother are here in the Philippines to celebrate her birthday with us! I can’t wait to be with them since we get to spend so little time with them because my sister is based on the US and my brother’s working as a seafarer and it’s only now that we’re complete as a family.

I’m thinking of buying Hannah a Barbie cake since she’s into dolls nowadays and i just saw a variety of cute Barbie cakes from Red Ribbon. The one that I liked the most costs around P1200 so I think I’m gonna settle with that cake. It’s gonna be a family affair with some of my friends and co-workers from work to be invited. Hannah won’t have a party but there’s still gonna be kids since it’s a kids birthday party  I decided skipping a birthday party because first it’s more expensive and second I just want to spend her birthday with my family and close friends this time. I just hope it won’t rain because I remembered last year rained very hard and we had an outdoor birthday party, so just imagine how hard cleaning up after the rain.

Anyways, eventhough I haven’t blogged religiously here, I don’t want to shut it down completely coz when I decide to enroll Hannah next year as a nursery, I would update here the developments and hopefully recognitions she would get from her school. You see Hannah learns very fast and can’t wait to go to school…me too! For the moment, I am the one who teaches her once in awhile when I dont work so that when the time comes to go to school, she’s already ready and won’t be having a hard time learning.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

God Gave Me You

Just wanna share with you a video I did for Hannah. Hope you like it!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good Health Matters Most

I had Hannah checked up by her pediatrician just this week because of fever. It was already 2 days that she was sick so I decided to let her pediatrician see her. Hannah's not the type whose often sick so the visit to her doctor made me worried. The doctor just gave her medicines and told me to observe if she's going to get well after a week, and if not we have to go back again to have her checked up again.

Before that, there were so many babies and toddlers at the hospital that was sick so we have to wait in line for our turn and too bad the doctor was still not in so we have to wait more until she arrived. To pass time I observed around the hospital and can't help but noticed that the medical scrubs that the nurses use has been changed already. Before, it was just plain off white, but now the scrubs for men and women has some color on it like blue and pink. It was really cute and looks stylish than before. Well, I just thought that maybe the hospital bought it on some scrub stores because you definitely won't find it in department stores.

Well anyway, it has been 3 days that Hannah's well already, thank God for that because I don't have to return her to the pediatrician. I just hope that my daughter will always stay healthy because I am really not fond of going to the doctor when she gets sick. I know all mothers will agree with me. Like me, we all want our children to be healthy and strong and free of any types of illnesses.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hannah's Birthday

I just thought that it’s only 4 months to go till Hannah’s 3rd birthday! How time flies indeed! Honestly, I still dont have any plans as to what her celebration will be unlike before that I really plan ahead like 6 months before her birthday, I’m already busy preparing and scouting for possible suppliers for her birthday.

I think this time we will have a simple celebration, just family and close friends. I also want Hannah to travel or go on an out of town trip with me if I have the budget. But it is most unlikely to happen this year. Maybe 2 or 3 years from now. I’ll just think about planning her birthday maybe in May or June.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Baby Can Read

I recently bought Your Baby Can Read DVD's from an online seller which sells copies of the dvd's from her original copy. The copied dvd's were very clear and the audio is very good too. It consists of 6 dvd's which includes parent workshop, review, starter, and volumes 1,2 and 3.

The video series is designed to help babies and toddlers learn to read early. The video shows babies as early as 9 month and 12 month old already reading simple words like wave, nose, eyes, clap, elbow, etc. I was really amazed at how this video actually works! Currently Hannah and her cousins watches this video series everyday so I really hope they'd be able to learn to read just like the kids I saw in the video. I will let you know if they have any developments though Hannah can read about only 2 words from the video like Hi and Baby. I think that's an accomplishment already, right?

Friday, January 14, 2011

My kids' New Year's resolutions for 2011

Guest post written by Carmen Hooten

A few weeks ago my daughter Alice walked into the living room when I was writing down my New Year's resolutions for 2011. She asked me what i was doing and I told her. Then I had to explain what resolutions are and she decided that she was going to make a few too.

I thought it was cute that she wanted to make some resolutions too, so I humored her and helped her with hers. I told my mom about it on Facebook a few days after that and she though that it was funny too, but would encourage Alice to keep hers. The same night that I was telling my mom that, I happened across the website CLEARWIRELESSINTERNET4G.COM and after I looked through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for that provider's service.

Out of all the kids New Year's resolutions that my daughter made, the cutest one is probably that she's going to play tea time with her stuffed animals every day. I told her that was okay and that if she told her stuffed animals that, she was going to have to stick to it.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2.5 yr old Hannah identifying pictures on flash cards...

Hannah's just so awesome! Please view my video of her identifying the pictures on the flash cards. Mind you, it was not simple pictures, the pictures were paintings done by famous painters!

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Eve family plans

Guest post written by Andrea Pruitt

This year, I'm not going to go to any of our friends' New Year's Eve parties. IÕm not really into all of that. Christmas just left me so exhausted that I think that I'm about all partied out by now. I thought that this year I would do something nice for my family instead.

I got the idea when I was responding back and forth with my aunt via e-mail and our clearwire wireless internet. I hadn't spoken with her in a while and she had gotten a picture of our kids in the Christmas card that I sent her. It was nice to just catch up with her, even if it was just through e-mails.

That got me thinking that I hadn't visited my great-aunt in a while, so I'm spending New Year's in the nursing home with her. Of course I wont' be staying late becuase they don't allow visitors in there very late but I think that she'll really appreciate it. I love to listen to her stories and could always hear a few of them.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year To All!

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Hope we all gonna have a better year than before! Good Health for you and your family and more blessings too!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Bitter Rivals In the NBA

Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

Growing up in an NBA family means that claiming a favorite team is a must. Along with this means you also have some bitter rivals. None of these rivalries are more enthusiastic or cutthroat than the L.A. Lakers and Boston Celtics.

Growing up in L.A. means that Lakers are the goto team for my entire family. So every year that there is a home game against the Celtics, my family is there. We throw on our jerseys, pack up the car, and then set our home security alarm (home security systems Louisville information) before heading off to this intense match up. The air is practically electric as we near the Staples Center, not long ago our beloved Coliseum. We know that we will be in for a treat as flyers are handed out at the door with custom chants for the Lakers and personalized nagging for the Celtics. The magic of this rivalry cannot be beat and we are always blessed with an enthusiastic, exciting game. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but every year we will be at this game without a doubt.

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