Friday, December 12, 2008

5th Monthsary

Hannah celebrated her 5th monthsary last Sunday, Dec.7, 2008 with our family and my Tita Inday. I bought her a cake from Goldilocks which was a delicious black forest cake!

Look at Hannah's oversized shirt, it's so cute! Actually it's Adriel's shirt which Nanay borrowed for her to wear. I really didn't understood why coz she has tons of clothes to wear that day.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Season

Wow, how time flies and it's already December! Last year we were able to celebrate the Holiday Season without Hannah and this time it would be extra special as this would be the very first time that Hannah would celebrate Christmas and New Year with us. It's just unfortunate that we would be spending it without her father.

Anyway, this coming Sunday, Hannah would be 5 months old and she just grows up so fast I wish she would be like this forever. She smiles now more often with the delight of my family and of course me. Look at one of her smiling moments. Isn's she adorable?


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