Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Life sometimes can be so frustrating if we always think about our family's future. We always want to be healthy for our family so we could continue to work and provide for them. So if I, for example, get sick for a couple of days and am not able to work, I always look ahead and think what if I will not able to provide for my daughter anymore? A very smart choice nowadays for those who work like me is getting an guardian income insurance which will protect me and my family financially in case I won't be able to work due to sickeness or injury. What's good about this type of insurance is that it's only only me that gets protected but also my child in case she also suffer a wide range of sickness or injuries. But sometimes even if we try as might to take care of ourselves, accidents still happen and can leave our family devastated not only emotionally but financially. Getting a good accident cover to can give you peace of mind knowing your family is well protected against this harsh reality. Lastly, perhaps the most unfortunate event in any of us that will happen is if we pass away and we'll leave our family behind. It surely is hearbreaking and an unfortunate event but what we can do to help them financially is to get a funeral cover so that they can get by with all the funeral expenses and debt resulting to it if ever.

Getting an insurance plan has never been so easy. You can now directly apply online or by the phone and a friendly customer care will gladly assist you. So plan for your family's future now and avoid any hassles and inconvenience which we definitely do not want to happen. It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Planning A Vacation Can Be Fun

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

I have never spent so much time planning a vacation in my life. The funny thing is that I really enjoyed the experience. For some reason, I love looking at homes and cabins that are for rent, even if I can't afford them. In this case, I went on to my rural internet service in Logan UT and began a search for rental homes on Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. I chose this location because it's exactly halfway between where me and my sister live - a 3.5 hour drive for each of us. There were many incredible homes for rent right on the lake. And the amenities were very impressive. They included hot tubs, kayaks, outdoor pools, porches, and gazebos. In all, they were beautiful. They were even affordable. The problem was that I began my search too late.

When I started looking for a place for my sister's family and my family to meet, it was already late March. By then, all the good rental properties on the lake were reserved. There were a few less desirable options, but who wants to spend their money on something like that? I continued trying to find something that I missed earlier or something that opened up, but no luck. After three days of research using satellite internet in Utah, I finally decided that we weren't going to meet in Glen Canyon. We ended up in a completely different state, but it was still fun to do the research.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hannah's 2nd Birthday Party!

At last Hannah's was already finished and was successfullu attended by our family and friends. We celebrated it outside our house and though it rained hard a few hours before our party, the rain stopped just in time to start the party. I hired a clown which also did some magic tricks to the delight of the kids. My Nanay, Tita Inday, Nora and Aling Vivian helped each other cooked the delicious meals we served our guests. My Hannah surely did enjoyed seeing a lot of kids and playing with them. Here are some of our pics taken last week, July 10, 2010.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finding Your Dream Apartment

If you still have no means of buying your own house, renting an apartment is a smart choice. This is specially good for individuals who are still single and wanted to meet different kinds of people in the neighborhood. As for families, it is also wise to rent an apartment for awhile while you save up for the big investment, that is buying a house of your own. But of course there are many factors to consider when renting one like the rates, location, amenities and security. There are many apartments for rent everywhere like the Apartments in North Carolina, but the question is, do this apartments satisfy your utmost concerns? Whether you're looking for an Apartment in Durham, NC or anywhere else in the world, it is very important to not get carried away with just the beauty or design of the place but also keep in mind what activities this place has to offer you.

There will be questions in your mind about a lot of things so it is very important that you get help from experts when choosing your dream apartment. At, they will surely help you finding a place of your own that you need and most importantly that's within your budget.

Managing A Family E-mail Group

Thanks to my friend Clare Masden for the guest post

As one of 10 children, I have the task of keeping all of us connected and in touch all across the country. While four of us all still live in our home town, the other six live in Florida, Indiana, Arizona and Illinois. The best way I have found to communicate with all of them is by using a simple e-mail group that I set up.

Since we all have easy internet access, I use my satellite internet laptop card to send and receive e-mail from the whole group no matter where I am. By setting up a group called My Family, I added all nine of my other siblings to the group. I even added myself so I get a copy of everything in my inbox. By adding myself it also helps everyone else just use the same group from the To: field to respond or forward to everyone including me.

While some of my friends think that there are better ways to communicate with the latest technology, hughes net packages seems to suit us just fine. Because we rarely can all meet at the same time anyway we seldom use phone calls or video conferences. By using e-mail we can all read the information and respond on our own time frame. Plus e-mail still allows us to send photos and videos that we can see and listen to.

If you are trying to communicate with a group with several or many members across the country, I suggest you start with an e-mail group and go from there.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hannah's 2nd Birthday!

Well yesterday my Hannah celebrated her 2nd birthday with a little celebration in our house with just the whole family. I bought a cake from Cakes & Memories and also ice cream from Selecta while my mother cooked spaghetti, lumpiang togue and her specialty, pata tim. The pata tim was yummy as always and we all raved about this delicious choco caramel cake from Cakes & Memories. I also ordered another cake from them(flavor is choco vanilla) for the birthday party that I will throw for Hannah this Saturday. I also hope it tastes good as the choco caramel.

I always thank the Lord for Hannah. Of all the blessings He gave me Hannah is the most precious one. And as I go with life changing decisions, it's Hannah I always think of. I just wish for her to be a good daughter and a good Christian as she grows. I love you Hannah!

Parental Controls Help Monitor a Childs Use Of The Internet

Guest post written by Eliza Montegro

When our youngest child was ready to start using the computer we were careful to not allow internet access. That may seem a bit harsh but she was our baby and we didn't want anything happening to our precious bundle of joy. At first we provided a computer where she could play games and practice keyboarding and she seemed to excel at everything she did.

At school she also had access to the computers where she kept track of the books she read and got credit for her report cards. This was great because they were teaching her the proper use of the computer as well. As time went on we realized that she needed internet service holly ridge nc in order to find information for school papers and projects she had to do for school. We installed hughes satellite internet in order to give her the kind of access she needed.

After cautioning her that she should never give out her personal information to anyone online and that she would lose her internet privileges if she did we turned her loose on the computer in the family room so that we could keep a close eye on what she was doing.

We have never been disappointed with the way she uses her privilege to access the internet because we also installed parental controls as an extra measure.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rhode Island Insurance

One of my ultimate dreams for my family is to be able to migrate and settle somewhere where I can raise my daughter in a city where there are full of opportunities and exciting possibilities. Well I came across Providence, Rhode Island and I must say that I was quite impressed with the richness of its culture and heritage as well as tons of activities for children. Well one thing I must definitely do once me and my family settle at Providence, Rhode Island is to get a Rhode island auto insurance for us to get a better deal of our coverage for our car, as well as getting a Rhode island home insurance which is one of the most important decision for our family as it will surely protect us of our home. Lastly, by wanting to settle in a new place for my family it is but natural for us to think of putting up a business of our own and by that, getting a Rhode island business insurance is just appropriate to protect our business from numerous threats like fire, burglary, accident, etc. By getting this insurance, we'll definitely have peace of mind as everyday passes.

As I searched for the best insurance company at Rhode Island, Podmaska Insurance Agency certainly came out as one of the best in terms of the varieties of insurance policies they are offering which are very important as it will give you a broader idea of what policy to get. They will also help you on getting the best coverage at the most affordable price which is just right for your family. With an extensive assistance like that for an insurance agency, I might as well get their help on getting the best insurance for my family.

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