Thursday, July 8, 2010

Parental Controls Help Monitor a Childs Use Of The Internet

Guest post written by Eliza Montegro

When our youngest child was ready to start using the computer we were careful to not allow internet access. That may seem a bit harsh but she was our baby and we didn't want anything happening to our precious bundle of joy. At first we provided a computer where she could play games and practice keyboarding and she seemed to excel at everything she did.

At school she also had access to the computers where she kept track of the books she read and got credit for her report cards. This was great because they were teaching her the proper use of the computer as well. As time went on we realized that she needed internet service holly ridge nc in order to find information for school papers and projects she had to do for school. We installed hughes satellite internet in order to give her the kind of access she needed.

After cautioning her that she should never give out her personal information to anyone online and that she would lose her internet privileges if she did we turned her loose on the computer in the family room so that we could keep a close eye on what she was doing.

We have never been disappointed with the way she uses her privilege to access the internet because we also installed parental controls as an extra measure.

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