Friday, November 27, 2009

Bonding time at ATC

Went at Alabang Town Center last Sunday after church with Hannah and my sister and her family. We went at Rustan's where there were lots of toys which kinda overwhemed the kids. I bought her havaiana's slippers which were on sale and there was this toy(a puppy inside a cage) which caught Hannah's attention and she wouldn't let it go so I have no choice but to buy it for her. There was a scheduled Santa Clause's appearance inside Rustan's in the afternoon at 4PM so we waited at Starbucks to wait and have our picture taken with Santa. Come 4PM, we proceeded again at Rustan's and Santa was right there already. But Hannah was so afraid of Santa that I have to carry her and she couldn't stop crying until we finished our picture taken. Adriel was also so afraid that he would not want to be near him. Haay those kids talaga!

We went home at around 7PM, tired but happy overall that we get to take the kids to the mall to enjoy themselves.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If the bridal shoe fits...

I remembered, after I got engaged to my husband, I was practically the only one who planned our wedding from day 1 and would you believe that the very first bridal accessory I bought was…. bridal shoes. Yes it's true! I was very excited that time and the first thing I thought about which accessory to buy for my wedding was I gotta have my own bridal shoes! The one requirement that I would want for my shoes is that it should be comfortable and really beautiful. I wanted a closed-toe shoe which doesn't have a very high heel and has some touch of simplicity on it. But since I am a practical person, I don’t really want to buy a very expensive one that I would only wore once, I had a hard time finding the particular style that I want which also fits my budget. I remembered, I almost looked on every part of the store and ready to give up until I found what I was looking for, and it was perfect!

Since there would be only one wedding for every bride(on most instances) I suggest for every bride-to-be out there to carefully think what they want for their wedding. Every detail, every aspect is very important so do not rush things and settle for the second best. I was very happy with the birdal shoe that I chose because it works perfectly with my wedding dress. So I hope all of you soon to be brides, would also find the perfect fit for your wedding just like mine.

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