Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It really isn’t home if you don’t feel safe..

Written by guest blogger Miranda Ereys.

So I set up my home to make me feel secure. I totally understand that that if someone really wants to get in, they can. But I took it upon myself to set things up to make it more difficult.

I have timers on my lights, and I reset the timer every 7-10 days. From what I’ve learned you’ll be more secure if it’s difficult to figure out your routine. The problem there is I leave for work at the same time every day. But my building has two entrances, so I don’t use the same one every morning when I leave. Maybe I’ll use the side entrance for two days in a row. Then I’ll use the front entrance for a day or two. I mix it up.

There are no pets allowed in these condos. My peace of mind comes from my home security alarm from The maintenance team has a code that I set that’s just for them. So I know when they’ve been here. They’re a good bunch, but having a separate code for them is an added layer of security as far as I’m concerned.

The neighbors here are great here. I’ve been trying to convince the couple next door that light timers are essential, but they think it’s silly. And, maybe it is. But it makes me feel better. So I’m sticking with it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting A Life & Accident Insurance Can Help

A lot of individuals nowadays are opting to get life insurance not only for themselves but for the whole family as well. And why is that so? Due to uncertain times that we are facing, be it health or financial instability, it is very important to get term life insurance quote which is about just right for the whole family. Choosing the best option has never been easier as there are different plans available that are right within your budget and can take care of your family when the time comes that you cannot provide for them financially. And let's face it, there are many uncertainties in this world like accidents, so it's better to be prepared as it will drain you of your hard earned money because of this. So enrolling on an accident insurance plan is never a bad idea, just like the aussie accident cover which comprises of attractive accident plan to cover not only you but your partner as well and extends your coverage 24/7 anywhere in the world. And when worse comes to worst, and this accident causes your life, available funeral plans can help your family ease the financial burden caused by this unfortunate event.

Investing on life insurance has never been easier as it is now very accessible anywhere and you can get to choose the best options available. You just have to find someone that will guide and help you with the whole process and after that you will become worry free of what lies in the future because you made the right decision for you and your family.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 days to go!

...till Hannah's 2nd Birthday! Wow, how time flies, she was then this tiny lil girl who slept like there was no tomorrow and now turned out to be the most talkative girl you ever encountered! oh, i love her too death! i'm so excited on her upcoming party this July 10 but at the same time worried coz of the constant outpouring of rain every Saturday.... I just hope that it won't rain on her party coz we'll just celebrate it outside our home. by the way, Hannah's birthday theme is Disney Princess coz she's a princess to me, a very precious one...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

All About Mesothelioma Cancer

One of the most frightening things that I don’t wanna happen to me, is not witnessing my daughter graduate from college, get married and have kids of her own. I admit that it scares me a lot to even think about it. Let's face it, as we grow older, our bodies also tend to become weaker if not properly taken care of. Cancer, for example, is still the leading cause of death worlwide. But there's this type of cancer called Mesothelioma Cancer that I'm not particularly familiar with, that I was able to read free online and came to understand all about it. The book is called Surviving Mesothelioma, and it tells all about a cancer patient survivor's inspirational and heartwarming account of how he struggled and triumphed over his disease. I fully understood that having cancer is not the end of the world, that there is help everywhere only if you are willing to heal and hope for the best.

Mesothelioma Cancer need not to be ignored. If you are experiencing its signs and symptoms, immediately confirm it with your doctor by undergoing a series of tests. And if you are indeed have one, get all the support of your loved ones and get all the help you need. Reading Surviving Mesothelioma will surely guide you and give you practical advices on how to deal with your cancer and still live a good quality of life you deserve.

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