Friday, June 19, 2009

Hannah's Birthday Pic

I already got Hannah's pictures from The Picture Company last Sunday, June14 and was very happy with the shots! She was really cute and beautiful, and just really shine on every shot that was taken of her. My baby's turning one next month that's why I took her to the studio so she could have her pictures taken to be used for her birthday invitations, tarp and thank you cards. Here's one of her pics which incidentally is my most favorite!

To see her other pics at TPC, please click HERE!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shop for cheap wireless routers!

I've been using a broadband connection for almost a year now and so far I don’t have any problems encountered using it. It has fast internet connection which makes it easier for me to browse and surf the internet without hassle. But the downside is, I havent been able to use my laptop because I still have to transfer the broadband cable to my laptop which I admit I'm very lazy doing so. So it was always the desktop that I use though I want to use my laptop more often. A co-worker advised me to get a wireless router to solve my problem.

I am not very familiar with a wireless router so I asked him what does it do. He told me that it basically used to access the internet without the need of cabled connection. So I can move my laptop anywhere in my home(without plugging the broadband cable) and still get an internet connection. I said, "wow" is that so? I was really amazed by what a wireless router can do! Of course, in order to fully benefit from using a router, there are certain network requirements needed from your pc.

Installing a router can eventually attract unwanted visitors, so it is important to install security measures. There are various safety products that include anti-virus, anti-software and anti-phishing software at different prices that suits your budget. I might as well look now for affordable router so I can already use my laptop!

Friday, June 12, 2009

11th monthsary

So after having taken Hannah's pics at The Picture Company, I bought a cake for her from Goldilocks because it so happened that day(June 7) was also her 11th monthsary celebration. Dianne, my sister also bought a Yellow Cab pizza(Meat Lovers Delight which is our favorite!). Yum yum!! As usual, Hannah was just deadma and just slept after a tiresome day at the MOA.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Want Exquisite Flowers?

When a friend from London gave birth to a baby boy a few months ago, she relayed me the good news that she plans on getting me as godmother to her son. I was thinking of something to give her to welcome her new baby, when I came across London Ontario Flower Delivery which offers free delivery in London of fresh, extraordinarily elegant flowers of different kinds for different occassions. I just fell in love with this flowers which were placed beautifully inside a vase! I was closed on ordering when I realized that I don’t have a credit card! Oh my, too bad! Anyway, since my friend had already planned on having a vacation here this July, I just thought of giving her my gift when she returned here.

Anyway, since I was in the site already, I browsed and got mesmerized by the skillful arrangements of the flowers until I stumbled upon Birthday Flowers and remembered how my husband also gave me a flower on my birthday three years ago. He gave me a rose bouquet which looked like the ones being sold at the London’s Flower Boutique. How I wished my husband will give me another bouquet of flowers as I really feel special when I received one.

Blogging and Making Money

Whenever I blog about Baby Hannah, I always think if my readers will be interested enough to read my posts. I may not always blog about the latest developments of my baby but I see to it that if I do blog it is something that will catch my readers’ attention and eventually read the rest of my posts. I am very passionate about blogging because it gives me freedom to express my own feelings and opinions in writing. Getting paid to post is another benefit I get from blogging. I write a personal opinion about a product or a service and gets paid eventually for my hard work. Now isn’t it great?

But in order to be trusted by prospective advertisers, a blogger like myself reserving for a task must be qualified enough to get paid. How is that so? Of course, a blog must have a high quality content and posts only honest and truthful reviews. Writing a personal opinion and not reading it as some sort of an advertisement will make your readers trust you and will drive traffic not only on your blog but on the advertisers site as well. It’s a win-win situation not only for the blogger(like myself) but also to the advertiser as well.

So to my readers who haven’t start blogging, why don’t you start now? You will not regret it once you see(or hold) the fruit of your labor!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

hannah's upper teeth

Just wanna share with you that Hannah already has an upper teeth! Yehey!!! Mel noticed the two upper incisors and after I went home from work, she immediately relayed to me the good news.

Anyway, I haven't posted it yet that Hannah already has a new nanny! This is her 3rd nanny since she was born and I hope this time around Ness would be with us for a long time for Hannah. I just noticed how quiet she is when she's with my baby. Once, I told her to read Hannah her Bible or the other books I bought for her but she just smiled at me. Well, I just thought that's odd but maybe she's just shy, I dunno why.

Lastly, Hannah would be 11 months old this coming June 7th and I am planning to bring her at SM MOA for her birthday photoshoot at The Picture Company this coming Sunday. I am planning to include one of the pics on her birthday invitation or tarpaulin. Well, let's see...

Family Safety Is Important

One of the very main concerns of a parent like me is the welfare and personal safety of my kid. Let's face it, the world we live in nowadays are not that safe anymore. Everyday, we were faced by news of killings and kidnappings everywhere that I sometimes gets paranoid to let my daughter go out(even with me) because I'm afraid of our own personal safety and security.

I came across a very informative article about personal safety and self defense. It basically teaches us to apply certain things to do in order to avoid becoming a potential victim. I am very happy to come across this as it guides me on how to avoid and reduce risks on me and my family's life. It instructs me to personally examine my choices and lifestyles that puts me or my family at risk. The article opened me up to have a security plan for my family's safety like taking First aid courses and to charge my cellphone ALWAYS! I didn't know anything about that till now!

Lastly, I definitely agree with this article to always trust our instinct! I always do that especially when I am in the prospect of finding a babysitter for my daughter. Whenever I don’t feel good about the person applying to become my baby's nanny, I don't hire her. I don't want to jeopardize my baby's safety with a person I don’t trust.

This article was successful on giving me an insight on how to safeguard my family's safety. I will definitely follow its advise on keeping it simple with regards to my family's security plans and to always be prepared. By doing so, our family will surely benefit from all of this.

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