Thursday, June 4, 2009

hannah's upper teeth

Just wanna share with you that Hannah already has an upper teeth! Yehey!!! Mel noticed the two upper incisors and after I went home from work, she immediately relayed to me the good news.

Anyway, I haven't posted it yet that Hannah already has a new nanny! This is her 3rd nanny since she was born and I hope this time around Ness would be with us for a long time for Hannah. I just noticed how quiet she is when she's with my baby. Once, I told her to read Hannah her Bible or the other books I bought for her but she just smiled at me. Well, I just thought that's odd but maybe she's just shy, I dunno why.

Lastly, Hannah would be 11 months old this coming June 7th and I am planning to bring her at SM MOA for her birthday photoshoot at The Picture Company this coming Sunday. I am planning to include one of the pics on her birthday invitation or tarpaulin. Well, let's see...

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