Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Affordable Life Insurance For Your Family

Since Hannah’s been growing up so fast, I began to think about her future as early as now. It is very important for me to stay healthy and free from illness since I am the only income provider for our family. I don’t want my daughter to be affected if by any chance I got sick or cannot work anymore. So I decided to secure her future by getting a Family Insurance policy so she can continue getting an education even if I cannot work anymore. I already got Insurance Quotes that was sent to me when I inquired via e-mail. But what I am looking is the one that offers the Best Rates Life Insurance that will provide the best protection for my daughter.

Since I got several quotes from different Term Life Insurance companies, I need to scrutinize their coverage and polices in order to get the best out of the bunch. Getting a life insurance will definitely add on my growing expenses so I need a Cheap Life Insurance and at the same time that can give the best security that my family deserves. So if you love your family like I do, get your own affordable life insurance that you can invest and you will not regret it in the end since your family will benefit from it in the end.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Shoes For Hannah

So I went to the mall this afternoon to hunt for the perfect children's shoes for my baby Hannah because her older shoes does not really match the dress that I bought recently. You see, I plan to use this dress on Hannah on Christmas Day when we visit some relatives and friends. I want Hannah to dress up beautifully on that special day so it just fits that she also wear the most suitable shoes for her. I am thinking of buying sandals as it is more comfortable for children to wear. Also, Hannah tends to be more picky now on what type of shoes she'll wear, and she likes using sandals more than the usual sneakers or mary janes.

Anyway, my aunt from the States gave Hannah a pair of boots as an early Christmas gift that she sent two weeks ago. It was really cute on Hannah especially when worn on shorts. Though it's still a little bit big on her, I can't wait till it fits her right so she can wear it with shorts and skirts. Too bad it does not match on the dress that she'll wear on Christmas day.

Easy homemade gift wrap

Guest post written by Ramona Myers

A lot of times, it's a whole lot easier to just go ahead and make your own wrapping paper instead of going out and buying rolls and rolls of it for the holidays. Even though I have a backup roll of store bought wrapping paper, I always try to make my own paper for fun. I've been doing it for a long time. When I was a little girl, I talked my mom into cutting up potatoes and making stamps out of them to wrap up my friends' presents in for Christmas.

Even though that really was a great way to make wrapping paper, I have stamps that I can use now instead of carving potatoes. I like to also use my Clear TV Bundle to look up other ways to come up with prints for homemade wrapping paper. I think that someone has used jsut about everything in the world to come up with a way to make homemade wrapping paper, including toothbrushes and pine needles.

But my favorite way that I've seen people make homemade gift wrap is by taking lace and laying it down on the paper and then spray painting over it to make a pattern. The result looks really consistent and modern, like you bought it that way!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Fashionistas

I've been wanting to buy girl clothes for Hannah from Baby Fashionistas for the longest time but since their shop's location is too far from me, I had no choice but to nix the idea.

Imagine my surprise when I went at Glorietta Makati yesterday and went at the children's clothes section on the 3rd floor to find that there's Baby Fashionistas store there! I asked the saleslady when did the shop opened at Glorietta, and she told me that they just opened last Nov.19!

I was so excited and happy that I fitted Hannah 4 clothes that I liked and eventually I settled for a cute dress with a tutu skirt. It was so cute on Hannah!

Los Angeles Clippers

Author: Joyce Mccall

My favorite team is the Los Angeles Clippers, and I am excited about this season. This is because of the great preseason they had bringing in Blake Griffin back from knee surgery. Blake Griffin is a beast in the paint and he is a jumping jack, and by that I mean he flies. I watch him hustle and rebound and I am filled with this emotion which I want to express as joy but that would not even begin to describe the pit of intense love I feel in my heart when I know that at last the Los Angeles Clippers are going to the championship.

Blake Griffin cannot shoot and has really no offensive game, but that is not necessary when you can jump over seven footers and make them your ideological slaves. Once he leaps out of the building I can only imagine opposing centers will cower in fear, their craven faces staring at blackness as they grimace and close their eyes, hoping for the game to be over so the dunk fest created by Griffin will end with their lives intact. I can only suspect that this Clippers team is capable of running the table, based on their preseason dominance despite the fact that they were only playing at half speed. I know this because I watched every preseason NBA basketball game thanks to my Directv.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Sincere Love For Reading

Content by Ramiro Mueller

I love White Oleander. It's such a tragic story of a mother and daughter that are separated, but it's also the story of a girl that comes of age.

It seems like such a sad story in the beginning. The main character is tossed from one foster home to another, and you really feel bad. At the story progresses, however, you find that the girl is tough. You know that she's capable of anything that is tossed her way, and you find yourself waiting for the next change in her life.

There are so many characters, and the plot changes with every other chapter. It was even made into a movie, but I prefer the book because it covers more than they could ever put into a movie. It's quite a lengthy book, but that was part of the reason that it was appealing. The first time that I picked it up I had no idea that I would become as engrossed as I did. I just assumed that I would read it from time to time and eventually finish it one day. I was totally surprised to finish such a large novel within a week.

Books are my second love; television is my first. I'm watching my satellite TV from www.BestChoiceTV.com/deals.html when I'm not reading. I love watching television shows that themes similar to white Oleander.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Address Plaques As A Nice Home Piece

My mother recently bought an address plaque from the department store and I asked her why did she need to buy one. She told me that mails were often lost or received late because the mailman always failed to locate our house. I thought installing address signs is such a good idea because in that way, our guests can easily point where our house exactly is. They won't get lost in the neighborhood and waste too much time finding our home.

Mounting house address plaques, outside your home can be a nice home accent to add as your home décor. With different unique styles and preferred budget of address plaques to choose from, you would definitely find the best one for your home. Just like the one mounted on our home, my mother opted for a simple address sign made from aluminum to withstand harsh weather conditions. So get one of your own and I will assure you, your guests will compliment your beautiful home piece!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Romantic Honeymoon Getaway

My friend who is based on South Carolina USA, recently got married last month to a wonderful guy she met in the States. Though I was not able to attend her private wedding, I extended my best wishes to her and her husband prior her wedding. I asked her where they would spend their honeymoon and she proudly told me that her husband booked their accommodation months in advance at a Myrtle Beach hotel because she loves spending time at the beach and he also wants to play a few rounds of golf while they were there. I was very excited for both of them and promised to check back on them again after their honeymoon.

So I called her again just last week to inquire about how their honeymoon went and she gushed about their romantic getaway at http://www.horizonmyrtlebeach.com where they were able to spend a fantastic oceanview accommodation at the hotel. She even told me that if it’s possible, they would stay at their hotel forever! They indulged on spa treatments, strolled barefoot at the white sand beach and her husband got to play golf which was his fervent wish while they were there.

She said that if I am planning to go on a stress free beach vacation on the States and wants to find out Myrtle Beach best hotels, she highly recommended the place they stayed. According to my friend, besides the pristine white sand beaches, I would definitely enjoy the golf packages they offer as per her husband’s recommendations as it caters to all types of golfers, the beginners or professionals alike. Since the review comes from a personal experience by a friend, then it must be really good!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cousins Reunion

I was so happy that Adriel & Dana gets to spend the night in our house finally! It's been two months since they slept here in our house with their mom. Since they moved to another house, I seldom sees them and I always get so excited everytime Hannah, Adriel and Dana gets to spend some time together. Hannah doesn't have any playmates, so having them stay in our home will make her happy. The last time they got together was when they went trick or treat and I saw how happy Hannah was when she's with her cousins.

I just hope Adriel and Dana gets to visit us more often especially now that the holidays is fast approaching. Anyways, I am planning on going to Enchanted Kingdom with all of us for a little bit of bonding time. I really wish it would push through!

A School Trip

Written by my friend Otis Buckley

When I was a little girl, I was home schooled most of the years I was in school. Many kids don't know what home schooling is like but I actually really enjoyed it. We would work about four to five hours a day and because we were at home, there was never any homework. I guess most kids would have been jealous. But there were certain things I missed out on. Like the amount of socializing a kid has when they go to school, prom, things of that nature.

Some kids might even think that I never got out of the house just because I was home schooled. But that is definitely not true. We used to always go on field trips as a home schooling group. My home schooling group and I actually made a trip to the aquarium one year. The entire experience was amazing. I remember going with my best friend to gawk at all of the beautiful fish.

The aquarium also had a petting section where you could actually touch a starfish or other crustacean. I wasn't too keen on touching the crabs since I'm not a big fan of their claws. A few years ago, I made another trip to the same aquarium I had gone to as a kid. Before I left for the aquarium, I set my home systems ADT security alarm. And let me tell you that the aquarium was exactly like I remembered! I will definitely be going there again.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some old favorite kids books

Guest post written by Natalie Harrows

My niece is getting ready to turn 10 years old and I'm the cool aunt so I've been trying to figure out exactly what I could get her for her birthday. Now she loves to read, but sometimes it's really hard to find books for her to read because it seems like she's read all of them already!

Then I got thinking about the book series the Baby Sitters Club and decided that I was going to buy her the set of the new books. So I found them online with my clear wireless internet and had them shipped to my house.

I think that the Babysitters club book series is age appropriate for 10 year old girls and not too risquŽ like some other books that may be aimed at girls that age really are now a days. I had thought about giving her the book series of Gossip Girl because I really like that show. But then I remembered that sheÕs only 10 and thought a lot of that stuff is almost too adult for me on that show.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Wonder Pets are great fun.

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

One of my sons favorite television shows to watch is the Wonder Pets. In this show three little animals attempt to save another animals that calls them for help. The three wonder pets include Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming. Each and every episode they get in their flying boat and go to the rescue of an animal that calls them.

Linny is the leader of the wonder Pets. Ming-Ming is the friendly duckling and Tuck is the turtle. My son loves all the characters and loves to sing the song that they sing. The Wonder pets usually break out into singing when they are on the way to saving and animal, or on the way back. They also sing when they have an idea on how to save the animal. It's a really great show. Very family friendly and it teaches my son the value of helping others.

The Wonder Pets is a great show and my son even wakes me up if I am sleeping and an episode comes on. I think he knows I enjoy it has much as he does. Whenever the Wonder Pets is on, we are watching it on our satellite tv packages. It's a great children's show.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hannah As Queen Bee

So we went first at SM MOA with Botchok and the Cabrera family for a quick trick or treat since I know that there will be more children and candies at shops at MOA and I was right! For less than an hour Hannah had candies and toys but thhe downside is, I easily got tired from roaming around the mall following Hannah. After our brief stint at MOA we then proceeded at SM Bacoor in the afternoon to join Adriel and Dana for their trick or treat there. The cousins got so excited seeing each other! Well unlike Hannah's candy treats at MOA, the siblings only got a handful of candies. I just shared with them what Hannah got from MOA so all of them went home happy with the candy treats that they got. Anyway, here are their Halloween costumes!


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