Monday, November 22, 2010

Los Angeles Clippers

Author: Joyce Mccall

My favorite team is the Los Angeles Clippers, and I am excited about this season. This is because of the great preseason they had bringing in Blake Griffin back from knee surgery. Blake Griffin is a beast in the paint and he is a jumping jack, and by that I mean he flies. I watch him hustle and rebound and I am filled with this emotion which I want to express as joy but that would not even begin to describe the pit of intense love I feel in my heart when I know that at last the Los Angeles Clippers are going to the championship.

Blake Griffin cannot shoot and has really no offensive game, but that is not necessary when you can jump over seven footers and make them your ideological slaves. Once he leaps out of the building I can only imagine opposing centers will cower in fear, their craven faces staring at blackness as they grimace and close their eyes, hoping for the game to be over so the dunk fest created by Griffin will end with their lives intact. I can only suspect that this Clippers team is capable of running the table, based on their preseason dominance despite the fact that they were only playing at half speed. I know this because I watched every preseason NBA basketball game thanks to my Directv.

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