Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i have to be strong

.. for my baby Hannah. it's been quite awhile that i haven't updated my blog coz of personal problems i've encountered and i must admit that there comes a time that i just wanna disappear forever to escape my problems! but thinking about this little child who always gives me her never ending hugs and kisses whenever possible, calling me "mommy" everytime i diasappear on her sight, just being sweet on her simple ways, just makes me wanna embrace life once more. sure problems will never go away, once you solve one here comes another. just like what i thought about the recent personal problem which was somewhat solved last year but re-appeared once again. i was thinking, how could i do this all alone? but i guess, it's also a test of how i trust God completely into my life. so like i always say, i live it all up to Him. He will never leave me and hannah alone just like what he did to us...

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