Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Example Of A Bad Parenting

Found it at a forum, I just thought of sharing it with you! It was really funny! Poor ducklings, ha ha ha!

First Halloween

Hannah would celebrate the Halloween for the first time this Friday and we were all excited coz she will be one of the kids who will go on Trick or Treating on Festival Mall this Friday. I bought her a fairie costume at SM Dept. Store for only P350 and it was really cute on her.

My nephews Adriel and Jerome also has their own Halloween costumes and we would accompany them at the mall this Friday. I am so excited to see the kids wear their costumes! Can't wait!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hannah this October

I am just amazed at how fast my baby grows! I looked at her and see her pics last month and this month and am really surprised at her coz she's been getting heavier and heavier. Not that I don't like it, in fact I find her cuter and cuter everyday. She's more than 3 months now and when I tried her previous clothes, it won't fit her anymore. So my mother bought her pambahay clothes which are really big for her and said that sooner or later we wouldn't realize it that it would eventually outsize her. Anyway, here's her current pic...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reading and Listening

Hannah really likes it when someone reads to her so once in awhile I read to her the books that I bought her. And now that she’s sick I always make it a point to not only sing to her but read to her as well. Just this evening, I let Jerome read to her her Bible while I was busy updating my blog. Look how attentive she were as if she understands what he was saying!

Hannah's Sick

Hannah has cough and colds since Saturday and we were all becoming worried. So yesterday, me and my husband took her to her pedia to have her checked. Her pedia gave her medicine and said to observe her for a few days and if her cough didn’t go away we must bring her back to her. Since her scheduled check-up was this Saturday(Oct.18) her pedia suggested that in order to not bring her back again this Saturday, she would already inject Hannah her second dose of 6-in-1 vaccination.

Although we were apprehensive to let her inject Hannah since we were worried that Hannah was already not feeling ok we let her do it coz afterall she’s the doctor and she knows what she’s doing. She said that it’s normal that Hannah would have a slight fever after her injection and we just have to let her take medicine. So we already went home and let Hannah rest. Then that evening I touched Hannah and she was hot! Hannah now has colds, cough and fever! I was really worried. We immediately let her take paracetamol(Tempra) and thank God early in the morning her fever went away.

But then her fever came back and although it was only a slight fever we gave her paracetamol again. She also took medicines for cough and colds and we also let her use a nebulizer to ease her difficulty in breathing. Thank God, she doesn’t have fever anymore and she doesn’t cough as much as it was yesterday. I hope she would completely recover tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whaaat happeened???

I dont really understand Google Page Rank at all! Just a week ago I was so happy that this blog has a PR2 already and when I checked again today it was back to 0! I read a comment from my post below congratulating Hannah of PR3 and I was like huh? Really my baby's blog achieved a PR3 and I didn't even saw it? So I was really wondering how Google really rank blogs.

Anyway, as much as I am sad that it happened on Hannah's 3rd monthsary, I am still excited coz Mel(Adriel's nanny) texted me awhile ago telling me that Hannah already giggles! Wow!!! I am really happy to know that! Now, I can't wait to see that for myself!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sleepy Hannah

Hey just wanna share you a pic of Hannah when she fell asleep after the photoshoot at The Picture Company a week ago. She looked really tired and at the same time very cute while sleeping!


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