Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Attractive Medical Scrubs For Sale

Two shows that are very popular in the US right now are "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scrubs" which both are a medical drama and comedy series respectively that deals with the interns, doctors and nurses' lives in the fictional hospital they're working in. Whenever I watch both shows, I can't help but notice the cute and colorful cherokee uniforms they're wearing. Gone are the days when nurses and doctors wear boring white nurses and doctors scrubs all the time! Whenever you go to a hospital now you'll see different styles of medical scrub caps and nursing uniforms that each compliment the wearer's looks.

Now if you think this cute medical scrubs are only for nurses and doctors, you are wrong because there are also professional and classic looking vet scrubs that are being used by veterinarians. Well I think people working on medical field are really lucky they get to wear hip, comfortable and most of all stylish looking clothes for their work.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Birthday Is Fast Approaching

So my 38th Birthday comes this 8th of September and I'm still not quite sure where I'm gonna spend it. The original plan is, we're going to Cebu with my sister and her kids. But since her husband is coming home on Sept.5 they may not be able to join us(me, Hannah and Ness). So the 2nd option is to go to Baguio City with Nanay, Sha, etc… It's gonna be a lot expensive if we're gonna push through with that so I'm still thinking if Baguio is a nice choice since I really have a budget for this out of town trip. Lastly, Tagaytay also came up as an alternative. Hmm, I really don't know up to now, just hope I can decide soon.. Hope before September comes...

A New Mother Turns to the Internet for Answers

Guest post written by my buddy Alfreda Mays

When I found out I was pregnant, I didn't have a clue about how to take care of a baby. I decided to turn to the Internet to learn just what to expect. Preparing for a new baby online was a good decision for me.

I was able to find out what baby products were must-have items. If you take a tour of any baby section of a store, it can be overwhelming. I used the Internet to learn just what products you really needed and which ones you could do without.

By using our clear wimax and DirecTV, I learned more about baby proofing our home. I bought several products like baby gates and table bumpers that really helped once our baby girl was mobile. We also installed cabinet locks and electrical outlet covers.

Although I've made my fair share of calls to the pediatrician, it helped to be able to search for some answers online. When my daughter had a bad case of diaper rash, a friend of mine told me of a homemade formula her doctor had given her. I forgot the details but was able to search the Internet to find the instructions. The homemade diaper rash cream worked fast. The Internet has been a wonderful tool in both preparing for a baby and taking care of a baby.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It’s always candy corn season for me

Guest post written by Darren Wells

About now is the time of the year that I usually start planning what I’m going to be for Halloween. As you can probably guess, it’s my favorite holiday. It always has been. That’s why my family always hosts a big Halloween with all our friends each year that gives us grownups an excuse to dress up. Normally this is the time that I also start watching as many horror movies as I can find.

Last year I had to choose a costume that would let me wear a wig to hide my old big hearing aid, so I got a mullet wig and dressed up like a rock band roadie. But this year I won’t have to worry about that. I just moved a couple of months ago, but before that I went to miracle ear chicago to learn about some less obvious hearing aid options. After I moved here, I visited miracle ear sacramento and got the small hearing aids I wear now.

I told my sister about them and she went and got some similar ones from miracle ear philadelphia, where she lives.

As for a costume, I’m leaning towards Mario and asking our teenage son to dress up as Luigi with me.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shop Shop til we drop!

Author: Joanne Suarez

I can not believe it is that time again to go shopping for back to school supplies. My husband and I have decided to split the shopping up into a 2 day ordeal. The first day we will go shopping for our 2 girls, of course they will be with us. They are ages 11 and 16. We will take them to the mall and let them shop at their favorite store to buy clothes and shoes. I have given them a limit to spend. I encouraged them to look for stores that are offering discounts especially the buy one get one free items. That way they can have extra money for something else they would really like to have. In our neighborhood already this year we have had a couple of break-ins and my husband and I will be making sure that we set our security choice home securitysystem before we go shopping for school supplies this year.

The girls love to go to Hot Topic at the mall to purchase their school clothes. After our long shopping day we will go have dinner. And the next day is when we will go to Wal-mart and CVS for purchasing school supplies. I will need to buy pens and pencils, note book paper, note books, calculators, erasers, glue. Then my shopping is complete.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Custom Labels For Your Business

If you’re a business owner or a company and wants your product to be showcased to prospective clients or customers, creating a professional and high quality custom label is the way to go. You don't have to settle for cheap looking labels for your company as there are a wide range custom labels available for industrial or commercial purposes which is right within your budget. Your customers will surely take a second look once they saw your high quality printed label and your sales will definitely sour!

So don't wait for an extra hour or minute thinking how your business will grow, it all boils down to proper planning, dedication, thinking positive and of course knowing your product well. Creating a custom label will really depend on how you well know and love your product. Goodluck!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cameras For Hire

Capturing the best moments of our life on a video, be it a birthday, anniversary or a wedding, is very important as it can be shared with future generations to see. So a video camera hire is very advisable nowadays compared to buying one as it is much expensive, with that you have the option to choose from a very wide of camcorder hire available that's right within your budget and will satisfy you to the fullest.

Recording your most memorable moments does not confine on storing important occassions on videos but also on pictures. So it is a must to get a camera that is high end. A point and shoot camera will definitely not capture the best images you want to have so getting an SLR camera is advisable as it has so many features and benefits. It's so fortunate that like video cameras, a camera hire is now possible for those who cannot afford this type of high end camera. And if you want to explore more and get better results, a canon lens hire will certainly bring out the best in you as it is more advanced unlike your regular camera that you own.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why the Cheesecake Factory is My favorite place to eat out

Guest written by our friend Waldo Byers

I love eating out. If I had endless amounts of money, I'd probably eat out everyday. Before I go, I make sure to set my adt videoalarm system. There are so many different cuisines out there to test out and, unless you're a chef, you'll probably never make them all at home!

The Cheesecake Factory is my favorite place to eat. I never pass up a chance to eat there. I usually look at their menu online before we leave so I have an idea of what I want to eat. We're usually there for hours!

I love the ambiance of this place. It's dimly lit so it gives you a romantic feel but it is totally fine for dining with family or friends! The atmosphere really puts you in a happy place. The food is absolutely wonderful. They have some signature dishes that would blow your mind. My favorite, by far, is the Shrimp and Chicken Jambalaya. If that's not your thing, they do serve other pasta dishes, burgers, pork chops, and they even serve brunch on Sundays.

Obviously they are known for their cheesecake and they don't skim on that! There are probably 20-30 kinds of cheesecake. We usually leave out with 3 or 4 different slices. The prices are good, the servings are huge, and you can't beat the customer service there. Definitely check this place out when you can!

Tickets For You!

If you're watching an event,concert or sports on any arena it is very likely that you want to have the best seat that you could get. who would want to be seated faraway and never caught the excitement of a concert or basketball game or even a baseball game that people close to the front can get. So in order to be guaranteed the best seats, it's important to book in advance. Wether you're in Staples Center or TD Banknorth Garden watching a basketball game or even a concert at Izod Center, you would be satisified with the ticket that you booked in advance.

So in order to get the prized ticket for an event, concert or game that you want, don't be left out and book in advance. I gurantee you will never regret it!

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