Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shop Shop til we drop!

Author: Joanne Suarez

I can not believe it is that time again to go shopping for back to school supplies. My husband and I have decided to split the shopping up into a 2 day ordeal. The first day we will go shopping for our 2 girls, of course they will be with us. They are ages 11 and 16. We will take them to the mall and let them shop at their favorite store to buy clothes and shoes. I have given them a limit to spend. I encouraged them to look for stores that are offering discounts especially the buy one get one free items. That way they can have extra money for something else they would really like to have. In our neighborhood already this year we have had a couple of break-ins and my husband and I will be making sure that we set our security choice home securitysystem before we go shopping for school supplies this year.

The girls love to go to Hot Topic at the mall to purchase their school clothes. After our long shopping day we will go have dinner. And the next day is when we will go to Wal-mart and CVS for purchasing school supplies. I will need to buy pens and pencils, note book paper, note books, calculators, erasers, glue. Then my shopping is complete.

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