Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It’s always candy corn season for me

Guest post written by Darren Wells

About now is the time of the year that I usually start planning what I’m going to be for Halloween. As you can probably guess, it’s my favorite holiday. It always has been. That’s why my family always hosts a big Halloween with all our friends each year that gives us grownups an excuse to dress up. Normally this is the time that I also start watching as many horror movies as I can find.

Last year I had to choose a costume that would let me wear a wig to hide my old big hearing aid, so I got a mullet wig and dressed up like a rock band roadie. But this year I won’t have to worry about that. I just moved a couple of months ago, but before that I went to miracle ear chicago to learn about some less obvious hearing aid options. After I moved here, I visited miracle ear sacramento and got the small hearing aids I wear now.

I told my sister about them and she went and got some similar ones from miracle ear philadelphia, where she lives.

As for a costume, I’m leaning towards Mario and asking our teenage son to dress up as Luigi with me.

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