Sunday, March 28, 2010

Summer School

Just want you to know that Hannah will attend a summer school at Busy Thinkers Pre-School near our subdivision this April 5 with her cousin Adriel! The school accepts toddlers as young as 2 years old and since Hannah is almost 2(she's turning 1 year and 9 months this April), I decided to enroll her so she could socialize with the other kids. I'm really excited coz I want her to mingle with other kids and enjoy her summer as well. Will let you know how it was after her first day.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Surviving Mesothelioma Cancer

When my father died 8 years ago due to liver cancer, I was devastated and thought that if only he took care of his health or if only we detected it earlier and so on and so forth, but it was too late. I was exposed to the dangers of cancer because of my father's sickness and vowed to take care of my body and health to reduce the risks of cancer. A few days ago, I came across a moving story about a cancer patient named Paul Kraus who survived Mesothelioma Cancer because of his will to survive and continues to thrive for a better life despite his cancer. His cancer was caused by exposing himself with asbestos(a group of minerals that take the form of tiny fibers) when he was younger. But despite him having this rare cancer, he didn't gave up and researched for other methods or alternative treatments that will help him prolong his life. I was really touched by his patience in understanding his sickness. If it were not him, the person may undergone depression and gave up on life completely.

Twelve years after he was first diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer and was thought of having a few months to live, he is still alive and yes, kicking! And now, it is really unselfish of him to share his experiences on a book which is absolutely free for a limited time. I hoped my father and our family were able to read it, my father would certainly had a different outlook in life after his cancer. But there are still others who will benefit on reading this inspirational book from Paul Kraus.

Hannah's 2nd Birthday Preps

So I'm officially starting to plan for Hannah's 2nd birthday this July. The first thing that I did was to order a birthday guestbook for the guests to write their wishes for the birthday girl. I ordered it at Printed Matter at Glorietta Makati and it was so affordable! for a price of P280 I already had a hardbound guestbook with a personalised pic of her on the cover. I'll get the finish product next week. Can't wait!

Now, this April, I'll talk with the caterer and balloon supplier and will deposit a down payment. Boy, I'm gonna get busy on the coming months huh?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quick Car Fix

My aunt, who is based on California, and I chatted yesterday via webcam and she showed me the beautiful dress which she is planning to give to my baby Hannah. She told me, they just went in Los Angeles last weekend to visit another of our relative and saw the dress on one of the stores there. They had a wonderful weekend there but unfortunately on their way home, their car broke down and needed a quick fix. Good thing, there's an available Los Angeles auto repair shop nearby and the mechanic, which is really helpful and knowlegeable on their job, had quickly solved the car problem which incidentally is a damaged head gasket that needs to be replaced.

She later said that they were now thinking on buying a new car preferably an SUV like Ford Explorer which is more reliable and dependable and is smooth when driving. Buying a new car is more preferable if you always encounter car trouble, right?

Swimming at Island Cove!

we just went at Island Cove last monday and stayed there for one night with my sister and her kids and the nannies. we had a wonderful time at the swimming pool especially the kids but not so much on their animal zoo. there's nothing much to see since they're just lying on their respective cages but i did held a baby crocodile which almost freaked me out!

their foods are waay too expensive! imagine eating a pancit canton which is good for 2 but the price is already P230! their halo-halo which is nothing special is alreay P100. i almost had a heart attack with the prices they had! but there's really nothing that we can do since the resort doesn't allow bringing of food so you don't have any choice but to eat there :(

i will post our pics soon! hope that our next stop will be Tagaytay!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Car Care Tips

We're finally deciding on getting a car and I am so excited to learn how to drive! I already got my driver's license and we just have to wait for the car to arrive. So in preparation I asked my sister whose in the USA right now for any car tips which she might be willing to share with me. She said that it's very important to have our car always in good condition, take extra care and have it checked up once in awhile. She said that if there's a problem with her car, she always goes to her trusted San Francisco auto repair mechanic as they are very professional and takes good care of their clients there. In addition, she also advised me to follow timing belt maintenance and to replace it in regular intervals as the belt can get broken overtime and can result to severe damage to the car engine.

Now I can't wait for our dream car which is the honda accord, to arrive! I am a busy bee nowadays searching for tips and reviews as well as common problems I might encounter about the car. It would surely help me prepare in advance what to do in case I encounter such problem in the future.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Soo Hot!

Hay... it's summertime once again here in the Philippines and I really am not very comfortable about the weather since I'm always hot and sweaty! I also have to always check Hannah's back since she sweats a lot nowadays! I really wanted for us to go swimming but the terrible weather alwas prevents me from doing so. Why? Coz I'm just too lazy to go out that I just want to lie down and face the electric fan and cool down... that's the best feeling for me nowadays!

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