Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quick Car Fix

My aunt, who is based on California, and I chatted yesterday via webcam and she showed me the beautiful dress which she is planning to give to my baby Hannah. She told me, they just went in Los Angeles last weekend to visit another of our relative and saw the dress on one of the stores there. They had a wonderful weekend there but unfortunately on their way home, their car broke down and needed a quick fix. Good thing, there's an available Los Angeles auto repair shop nearby and the mechanic, which is really helpful and knowlegeable on their job, had quickly solved the car problem which incidentally is a damaged head gasket that needs to be replaced.

She later said that they were now thinking on buying a new car preferably an SUV like Ford Explorer which is more reliable and dependable and is smooth when driving. Buying a new car is more preferable if you always encounter car trouble, right?

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