Saturday, March 20, 2010

Swimming at Island Cove!

we just went at Island Cove last monday and stayed there for one night with my sister and her kids and the nannies. we had a wonderful time at the swimming pool especially the kids but not so much on their animal zoo. there's nothing much to see since they're just lying on their respective cages but i did held a baby crocodile which almost freaked me out!

their foods are waay too expensive! imagine eating a pancit canton which is good for 2 but the price is already P230! their halo-halo which is nothing special is alreay P100. i almost had a heart attack with the prices they had! but there's really nothing that we can do since the resort doesn't allow bringing of food so you don't have any choice but to eat there :(

i will post our pics soon! hope that our next stop will be Tagaytay!

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