Friday, March 12, 2010

Car Care Tips

We're finally deciding on getting a car and I am so excited to learn how to drive! I already got my driver's license and we just have to wait for the car to arrive. So in preparation I asked my sister whose in the USA right now for any car tips which she might be willing to share with me. She said that it's very important to have our car always in good condition, take extra care and have it checked up once in awhile. She said that if there's a problem with her car, she always goes to her trusted San Francisco auto repair mechanic as they are very professional and takes good care of their clients there. In addition, she also advised me to follow timing belt maintenance and to replace it in regular intervals as the belt can get broken overtime and can result to severe damage to the car engine.

Now I can't wait for our dream car which is the honda accord, to arrive! I am a busy bee nowadays searching for tips and reviews as well as common problems I might encounter about the car. It would surely help me prepare in advance what to do in case I encounter such problem in the future.

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Kim said...

Thanks for best information about " car care tips". it's informative tips. keep it up!!!! :)

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