Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Soo Hot!

Hay... it's summertime once again here in the Philippines and I really am not very comfortable about the weather since I'm always hot and sweaty! I also have to always check Hannah's back since she sweats a lot nowadays! I really wanted for us to go swimming but the terrible weather alwas prevents me from doing so. Why? Coz I'm just too lazy to go out that I just want to lie down and face the electric fan and cool down... that's the best feeling for me nowadays!


pinaymama said...

Baguio is still the best place in Philippines during summertime. :) see you when you get here!

Pinay Mama
Elijah's Crib

zek said...

Let's exchange links! I already put your link here Pinay Mama
Elijah's Crib


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