Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Shoes For Hannah

So I went to the mall this afternoon to hunt for the perfect children's shoes for my baby Hannah because her older shoes does not really match the dress that I bought recently. You see, I plan to use this dress on Hannah on Christmas Day when we visit some relatives and friends. I want Hannah to dress up beautifully on that special day so it just fits that she also wear the most suitable shoes for her. I am thinking of buying sandals as it is more comfortable for children to wear. Also, Hannah tends to be more picky now on what type of shoes she'll wear, and she likes using sandals more than the usual sneakers or mary janes.

Anyway, my aunt from the States gave Hannah a pair of boots as an early Christmas gift that she sent two weeks ago. It was really cute on Hannah especially when worn on shorts. Though it's still a little bit big on her, I can't wait till it fits her right so she can wear it with shorts and skirts. Too bad it does not match on the dress that she'll wear on Christmas day.

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