Friday, November 5, 2010

The Wonder Pets are great fun.

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

One of my sons favorite television shows to watch is the Wonder Pets. In this show three little animals attempt to save another animals that calls them for help. The three wonder pets include Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming. Each and every episode they get in their flying boat and go to the rescue of an animal that calls them.

Linny is the leader of the wonder Pets. Ming-Ming is the friendly duckling and Tuck is the turtle. My son loves all the characters and loves to sing the song that they sing. The Wonder pets usually break out into singing when they are on the way to saving and animal, or on the way back. They also sing when they have an idea on how to save the animal. It's a really great show. Very family friendly and it teaches my son the value of helping others.

The Wonder Pets is a great show and my son even wakes me up if I am sleeping and an episode comes on. I think he knows I enjoy it has much as he does. Whenever the Wonder Pets is on, we are watching it on our satellite tv packages. It's a great children's show.

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