Sunday, November 7, 2010

Some old favorite kids books

Guest post written by Natalie Harrows

My niece is getting ready to turn 10 years old and I'm the cool aunt so I've been trying to figure out exactly what I could get her for her birthday. Now she loves to read, but sometimes it's really hard to find books for her to read because it seems like she's read all of them already!

Then I got thinking about the book series the Baby Sitters Club and decided that I was going to buy her the set of the new books. So I found them online with my clear wireless internet and had them shipped to my house.

I think that the Babysitters club book series is age appropriate for 10 year old girls and not too risquŽ like some other books that may be aimed at girls that age really are now a days. I had thought about giving her the book series of Gossip Girl because I really like that show. But then I remembered that sheÕs only 10 and thought a lot of that stuff is almost too adult for me on that show.

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