Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Romantic Honeymoon Getaway

My friend who is based on South Carolina USA, recently got married last month to a wonderful guy she met in the States. Though I was not able to attend her private wedding, I extended my best wishes to her and her husband prior her wedding. I asked her where they would spend their honeymoon and she proudly told me that her husband booked their accommodation months in advance at a Myrtle Beach hotel because she loves spending time at the beach and he also wants to play a few rounds of golf while they were there. I was very excited for both of them and promised to check back on them again after their honeymoon.

So I called her again just last week to inquire about how their honeymoon went and she gushed about their romantic getaway at where they were able to spend a fantastic oceanview accommodation at the hotel. She even told me that if it’s possible, they would stay at their hotel forever! They indulged on spa treatments, strolled barefoot at the white sand beach and her husband got to play golf which was his fervent wish while they were there.

She said that if I am planning to go on a stress free beach vacation on the States and wants to find out Myrtle Beach best hotels, she highly recommended the place they stayed. According to my friend, besides the pristine white sand beaches, I would definitely enjoy the golf packages they offer as per her husband’s recommendations as it caters to all types of golfers, the beginners or professionals alike. Since the review comes from a personal experience by a friend, then it must be really good!

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