Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shop for cheap wireless routers!

I've been using a broadband connection for almost a year now and so far I don’t have any problems encountered using it. It has fast internet connection which makes it easier for me to browse and surf the internet without hassle. But the downside is, I havent been able to use my laptop because I still have to transfer the broadband cable to my laptop which I admit I'm very lazy doing so. So it was always the desktop that I use though I want to use my laptop more often. A co-worker advised me to get a wireless router to solve my problem.

I am not very familiar with a wireless router so I asked him what does it do. He told me that it basically used to access the internet without the need of cabled connection. So I can move my laptop anywhere in my home(without plugging the broadband cable) and still get an internet connection. I said, "wow" is that so? I was really amazed by what a wireless router can do! Of course, in order to fully benefit from using a router, there are certain network requirements needed from your pc.

Installing a router can eventually attract unwanted visitors, so it is important to install security measures. There are various safety products that include anti-virus, anti-software and anti-phishing software at different prices that suits your budget. I might as well look now for affordable router so I can already use my laptop!

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