Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hannah's 2nd Birthday!

Well yesterday my Hannah celebrated her 2nd birthday with a little celebration in our house with just the whole family. I bought a cake from Cakes & Memories and also ice cream from Selecta while my mother cooked spaghetti, lumpiang togue and her specialty, pata tim. The pata tim was yummy as always and we all raved about this delicious choco caramel cake from Cakes & Memories. I also ordered another cake from them(flavor is choco vanilla) for the birthday party that I will throw for Hannah this Saturday. I also hope it tastes good as the choco caramel.

I always thank the Lord for Hannah. Of all the blessings He gave me Hannah is the most precious one. And as I go with life changing decisions, it's Hannah I always think of. I just wish for her to be a good daughter and a good Christian as she grows. I love you Hannah!

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