Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Managing A Family E-mail Group

Thanks to my friend Clare Masden for the guest post

As one of 10 children, I have the task of keeping all of us connected and in touch all across the country. While four of us all still live in our home town, the other six live in Florida, Indiana, Arizona and Illinois. The best way I have found to communicate with all of them is by using a simple e-mail group that I set up.

Since we all have easy internet access, I use my satellite internet laptop card to send and receive e-mail from the whole group no matter where I am. By setting up a group called My Family, I added all nine of my other siblings to the group. I even added myself so I get a copy of everything in my inbox. By adding myself it also helps everyone else just use the same group from the To: field to respond or forward to everyone including me.

While some of my friends think that there are better ways to communicate with the latest technology, hughes net packages seems to suit us just fine. Because we rarely can all meet at the same time anyway we seldom use phone calls or video conferences. By using e-mail we can all read the information and respond on our own time frame. Plus e-mail still allows us to send photos and videos that we can see and listen to.

If you are trying to communicate with a group with several or many members across the country, I suggest you start with an e-mail group and go from there.

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