Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Planning A Vacation Can Be Fun

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

I have never spent so much time planning a vacation in my life. The funny thing is that I really enjoyed the experience. For some reason, I love looking at homes and cabins that are for rent, even if I can't afford them. In this case, I went on to my rural internet service in Logan UT and began a search for rental homes on Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. I chose this location because it's exactly halfway between where me and my sister live - a 3.5 hour drive for each of us. There were many incredible homes for rent right on the lake. And the amenities were very impressive. They included hot tubs, kayaks, outdoor pools, porches, and gazebos. In all, they were beautiful. They were even affordable. The problem was that I began my search too late.

When I started looking for a place for my sister's family and my family to meet, it was already late March. By then, all the good rental properties on the lake were reserved. There were a few less desirable options, but who wants to spend their money on something like that? I continued trying to find something that I missed earlier or something that opened up, but no luck. After three days of research using satellite internet in Utah, I finally decided that we weren't going to meet in Glen Canyon. We ended up in a completely different state, but it was still fun to do the research.

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