Friday, July 18, 2008

Feeding, Sleeping & Waking up

Hannah's almost 2 weeks old and whenever I look at her it seems like she's growing up little by little. She doesn't do much except sleeping and when she wakes up and cries we feed her formula milk. Every 2 or 2.5 hrs we feed her and now the formula that I just bought last week is now almost empty because I only bought the smallest can which is the only one available at Mercury Drug. This is the problem that I always encounter with her formula milk which is Enfalac A+, everywhere I go I can't find the biggest can. It's really hard finding the bigger size, it's always the smaller one. So tomorrow I'll try to find again the bigger can at SM, Robinson and Mercury Drug.

Anyway, eversince Hannah was born, I now have a 3-4 hrs of sleep each day because of her constant waking up early in the morning either she was hungry or she's wet or dirty. Sometimes she would wake up at around 2:30AM and she would not go to sleep (eventhough I already feeded her) until 5AM which is the next feeding time! I would lie her down sometimes but then she would cry so I would have to carry her again and I must admit that I sometimes want to lose my mind because I'm very sleepy and she's not. My mother said this would go on for at least 3 months until the baby becomes accustomed to her surroundings and knows which is day and which is night and by that time she will have a longer sleeping time during the night.


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