Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hannah is the Name!

Some infos regarding the name Hannah:

Origin and Meaning of the Name Hannah

Gender: Girl

Origin: Hebrew

Usage: English, Jewish, French, German, biblical

Meaning: The meaning of the name Hannah is "favour" or "grace". Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel in the Old Testament. The Latin version of this name is Anna.

Popularity: Hannah is number 15 in Today's Top Names!

Additional info:
In the Old Testament, Hannah was the mother of the prophet Samuel. She had been unable to bear her husband Elkanah a child, and so prayed at the temple that if God gave her a son then she would give him up to be a priest. When the child, Samuel, was born, she gave him to Eli to be raised as a priest.Other famous Hannahs include philosopher Hannah Arendt, 18th century writer Hannah More and the Disney TV show and character Hannah Montana.Hannah is a very popular name in USA, where it was the 8th most popular name in 2006. In South Dakota and West Virginia it was the #2 name. It is also popular in Canada, being in the top10 of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. It was in the UK top 20, the top 10 of New Zealand, and was #7 in Austria.


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