Friday, August 29, 2008

My Baby's Smile

I've been very happy this past few days coz Hannah's been smiling more as if she already knows us well. It was really a deligthful moment which certainly removes all the stress and tiresome day I had at work to see her smile at me. Even if she wakes up early in the morning like if I change her diaper she would glance at me and give me her toothless baby smile. I am so touched that I really won't mind waking up early every day so just I could see her smile at me. I know eventually a giggle and a laugh would soon follow and I can't wait to witness it already!



jHeLea said...

post ka naman ng pic ni baby hannah 'Te...kindly share to us her smile

Krystal said...

awww I love when babies smile :D it's so cute

nahj12 said...

hmmm.. cherish every treasured moment.. am back.. been out in a while.. been in the hospital kasi.. anyway.. am back.. thanks for dropping by sis.. :)

Edelweiza said...

your baby's so adorable! :)

P.S. i already added your 3 sites to my blogroll.hope to see my link here soon.

cheers! :)


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