Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nanny Woes

I'm so pissed right now with the nanny of my daughter! She's been with us for only a week and yet she already wants to go home! She has so many alibis, like she misses her mom, she's sick, she doesn't get along with my mother and so on and so forth. She's also gossiping to the other nanny on the house(Adriel's nanny) that she's jealous of her coz she doesn't work that much inside the house. Whhaat??? She was the one who doesn't have much work, the only thing I ask her to do is clean Hannah's bottles, feed her, hold her and basically just look after her. She doesn't bathe her, she was not the one exhausted every night due to Hannah's frequent crying and waking up in the middle of the night. And yet she was jealous of Adriel's nanny? Mel, Adriel's nanny's job is much difficult since she takes care of a one and a half year old toddler whose just over the top with his naughtiness.

I told her that if she wants to go home, she must pay for the transporation fare that I paid for her which totaled for P1800. She said that someone owed her money and she would look for her but she doesn't really know where she is. So I just said that she cannot leave our house unless she pay me. And if she doesn's have money to pay for, she must still work for me for a month. I really don't wanna force her to work for me, but I just want to teach her a lesson that she just cannot walk out of us just like that after all the hassle she gave us. I still don't know where this leads but I hope whatever it is, it is for the good of all of us.


jHeLea said...

hirap talaga maghanap ng yaya 'Te...yes, she needs to learn her lesson but after that set her free na lang baka ano pa gawin niya kay baby Hannah...i'll be praying that you could be able to find a trustworthy nanny...

nahj12 said...

aba.. sinuswerte sya.. waaa. mahirap talaga kumuha ng kasambahay.. buti nga sya.. alaga lang ng baby. .di buong bahay ang babantayan diba..


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