Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She just won't sleep

I'm so puyat again! Just this early morning, from 1AM-3AM Hannah's wide awake and don't wanna go to sleep. After I fed her, I thought she's gonna sleep already but no she won't do that. So what I did was just sing her a lullabye song and just talked to her. She's just quiet and looking around, sometimes I would take her down and she would allow it but after about 5 minutes she would cry again so I have to carry her in my arms again.

At about 3AM, I fed her again and burped her. She's still awake but I lay her on our bed and little by little I could see her eyes closing which is the sign that she's falling asleep. Thank God! By that time I'm VERY VERY sleepy and it was a BIG sigh of relief that at last I put her to sleep.

I'm still the one in charge taking care of Hannah past bedtime instead of the nanny coz I still doesn't trust her with my baby on feeding her on the wee hours. I'm still afraid that she might misfed her besides I'm really getting used to on waking up every now and then just to feed her so it's really fine.



Nancy said...

Hi Cel..thanks for stopping by my page. Ganyan talaga ang mga baby pero a mother's heart can always endure...

God bless!

Lisa said...

I added this blog na. Baby Hannah is so cute.
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