Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hannah's Favorite Things

Hello! Just wanna share with you some of my baby's things that I bought for her. This are not too fancy but she really likes the toy which incidentally is her very first toy and the books are all good for her development.

Hannah and her lullaby gloworm. This toy from Playskool eases the transition to bedtime with a frriendly, glowing face and 6 soothing lullaby songs. We play it to her when she's about to sleep and she becomes quiet and subdued.

This is her first bible and I bought it for only P170! I forgot the name of the store but it sells very cheap educational books that I bought some(pics below). I plan to buy her more as she grows older. I read this to her if I have the time.

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jHeLea said...

I love the book po...It's really very important na we read bible stories to our kids 'though I don't have one yet LOL....As early as possible we should bring our children closer to God


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