Friday, September 12, 2008

Nanny woes Part 2

I forgot to post about what happened last Friday regarding Juliet(Hannah’s nanny)! Well to summarize, we found out that Juliet has been stealing from us since we don’t know when!

It started when my husband lost P1000 from his wallet and we were baffled since no one entered our room except us, and from what I know no one steals inside the house since there were no items that has been missing, and I was dead wrong about that! My husband confided to my mother that there was money missing in his wallet(I was not at home when that happened) and he asked her if Juliet entered our room. True enough, my mother proved his suspicion that Juliet has something to do with it since she was the one who entered our room to clean it. He then instructed my mother to let Juliet go upstairs so that they’ll inspect her bags and belongings. And what a shock that they found out a lot of stuff belonging to us! From necklaces, watches, rings even my underwear! We really didn’t knew that anything was missing at all so it was really surprising. Juliet then admitted of the stealing and she also returned the money after my husband threatened to bring her to the police station.

Right there and then I told my husband to let Juliet go. He really wanted it to report to the police but we just decided to blotter her to avoid further problems since we don’t know what Juliet’s relatives are capable of. Juliet’s really an excellent liar and she can turn things her way and tell her relatives a complete different story and I don’t wanna deal with her anymore so I told my husband to just let her out of the house.

I don’t know if I could trust another nanny or househelp. I don’t want this things to happen again but I’m still positive that there’s someone who could help us take care of Hannah since hubby will only be here for only a month and I’m working so we really need a nanny! I hope soon we’ll find one that’s trustworthy, dependable and industrious(he he, parang ad ba?).


jHeLea said...

Napaka horrible naman nitong post mo 'Te....baka clepto yang Juliet na yan...ingat lang sa pagpili ng househelp 'Te to avoid things like that to happen again....advice lang, why not get a helper na kamag-anak ninyo para at leat kilala niyo, di ba?....

chloee villahermosa said...

hi baby hannah! this is chloee. my mom made a blog for me too! please add me to your list and I will really appreciate if you will accept me because you will be my first friend here in blogland. regards and be good!

ate chloee


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