Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

Hello to all of you! So how did you spend your Halloween, All Saint's and All Soul's Day? We just stayed at the house last Saturday and Sunday but we went to Festival Mall to Trick or Treat at several stores to get many candies but instead we went home with a FEW candies.

Anyway, Hannah was so pretty last Friday with her fairie costume but I had to change her immediately coz she became so uncomfortable with the fairie costume. We were very tired circling around the mall to get some candies but we enjoyed looking at the kids wearing their Halloween costumes! They were all so cute! Some are fairies like Hannah, ghosts, a wizard, superheroes, cowboy/girl, indian, some are dressed like fruits or animals. But what really caught my attention was this 2 kids dressed as a robot and a crab! It was really artistic! I bet their parents really prepared for their costumes.

Next year, I will definitely be prepared for Hannah's costume for the Halloween! Hhmm, what character would I dressed her up?

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