Sunday, March 1, 2009

updates on hannah

hiyah! how are you all? well with regards to my baby Hannah, she's growing so fast that I can't believe it will only be almost 4 months till her 1st birthday! my baby's looking so cute and pretty as days go by and what I love about her is that she smiles a lot and never really gives me problems taking care of her. anyway, here are some updates on her this past few weeks...

- Hannah had her ears pierced at last!

- she had a nanny for 1 week but the nanny decided to go home already coz she became so sad and missed her son so much. well, I got pissed but what can I do? up to now, I still haven't got any nanny for Hannah

- we rushed Hannah to the hospital last Feb.9 coz of continuous vomitting and diarrhia. I was so scared! But we also took her home coz Hannah didn't pooped that night, which the doctor needed for the test. The doctor just instructed me to just continue her medications and if she continues to have diarrhia, I need to take her again to the hospital. Thank God, coz the next day she was already ok!

- Hannah had her monthly check-up and had her second dose of IPD vaccination. She also lost 0.2 kilos, from 8.2kg she now weighs 8.0kg.

- My Kuya Paul just arrived from Australia and he saw Hannah for the first time! We went to Duty Free yesterday and he bought her Mamypoko pull-up pants diapers! I always wanted to buy Hannah Mamypoko diapers but it was so expensive that I decided not doing so. But when my brother offered to buy her that diapers, I thought why not! Well we bought 3 bags(1 bag has 27 diapers)of Mammypoko diapers which was on sale for $23!

Here are some of Hannah's pics, take a look!

Hannah's pierced ears!

with her Tita Dianne

with her baby doll Chelsea

Mamypoko diapers from Tito Paul

Hannah takes a dip at the kiddie swimming pool

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