Friday, August 7, 2009

Hiking is an Exercise

Just a few months ago, I was invited on a hiking trip by my co-workers but I decided not to go to since I know that there are proper hiking apparel and footwear that needs to be used and I don’t have any one of those. According to those who had an experience on mountaineering, it tends to get very cold on top of the mountain so you will need a very thick jacket. Aside from being physically fit, you'll also need a durable and comfortable footwear since it requires a lot of walking. My co-workers went on to tell me that it really feels great once you climbed the top of the mountain, it's like the best feeling in the world! And besides being fun, hiking is a form of exercise because of constant leg movements which strengthen our leg muscles. Now, I really need that! So the next time they invite me again, I might as well try it. I just need to buy those hiking shoes, backpack and yes a very thick jacket!

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