Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lamps - A Good Home Accessory

Sometimes at night, it's just hard to check on Hannah when our room's very dark. She has been sleeping beside me since she was born and before I had a night light so that I could check on her once in awhile especially if it's feeding time. But ever since she's been sleeping through the night, I already removed our night light.

But now I've been thinking of buying a lamp again for our room. I am a book worm so most nights you can catch me reading a good book, but the problem is even if I am still reading a book I have to turn off the light coz Hannah's already sleeping. So now I wanted to buy a desk lamp which will be installed beside our bed and that is not so hard on my eyes when I am reading and at the same time will not disturb Hannah from her good sleep.

Another light that I want to install on our home is a low voltage lamp which I think will be great on our hanged family picture on our stairway. That will definitely highlight our picture and will surely gets noticed by our guests. I just had this idea that it will look great on our house. So what do you think? Well for me, I think it's time to add those accessories to our home!

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