Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Eve family plans

Guest post written by Andrea Pruitt

This year, I'm not going to go to any of our friends' New Year's Eve parties. IÕm not really into all of that. Christmas just left me so exhausted that I think that I'm about all partied out by now. I thought that this year I would do something nice for my family instead.

I got the idea when I was responding back and forth with my aunt via e-mail and our clearwire wireless internet. I hadn't spoken with her in a while and she had gotten a picture of our kids in the Christmas card that I sent her. It was nice to just catch up with her, even if it was just through e-mails.

That got me thinking that I hadn't visited my great-aunt in a while, so I'm spending New Year's in the nursing home with her. Of course I wont' be staying late becuase they don't allow visitors in there very late but I think that she'll really appreciate it. I love to listen to her stories and could always hear a few of them.

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