Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good Health Matters Most

I had Hannah checked up by her pediatrician just this week because of fever. It was already 2 days that she was sick so I decided to let her pediatrician see her. Hannah's not the type whose often sick so the visit to her doctor made me worried. The doctor just gave her medicines and told me to observe if she's going to get well after a week, and if not we have to go back again to have her checked up again.

Before that, there were so many babies and toddlers at the hospital that was sick so we have to wait in line for our turn and too bad the doctor was still not in so we have to wait more until she arrived. To pass time I observed around the hospital and can't help but noticed that the medical scrubs that the nurses use has been changed already. Before, it was just plain off white, but now the scrubs for men and women has some color on it like blue and pink. It was really cute and looks stylish than before. Well, I just thought that maybe the hospital bought it on some scrub stores because you definitely won't find it in department stores.

Well anyway, it has been 3 days that Hannah's well already, thank God for that because I don't have to return her to the pediatrician. I just hope that my daughter will always stay healthy because I am really not fond of going to the doctor when she gets sick. I know all mothers will agree with me. Like me, we all want our children to be healthy and strong and free of any types of illnesses.

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