Thursday, January 29, 2009

I was so scared!

Hannah fell from our bed this afternoon while I was sleeping! Hannah and I had our afternoon nap when I didn't realized that she already had waken up and the next thing I heard was a sound of something was dropped on the floor and I saw hannah there crying! Hannah bumped her head and I was dead scared coz she didn't stopped crying for 5 minutes! My mother said to observe her, massage her head gently and see if she vomits, luckily she didn't vomit and after crying we tried to make her smile and she did! Whooh!

I admit that I was at fault as to what happened to Hannah and if somethng happened to her I will never ever forgive myself! I love my baby so much so this is a huge lesson to me. I really am hoping this would never happen again. Thinking of something like this really wants to make me cry so I'll stop now.


Erika's Mom said...

Reading your story makes me feel worried too, good thing shes okay now

Azumi's Mum said...

geez i know what you feel... when our baby is hurting, triple yung hurt sa tin =( . Medyo malikot na yata 6 months noh?

lapit na pala mag 7 months si Hannah, just 3 months older lang sa lil girl ko hihi.. Thanks ha for adding me too.. Im learning alot just from reading other baby blogs.. kakatuwa din makita mga cute babies nyo eh.


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