Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Missed this blog!

hey! how are you all doing? i really missed this blog, A LOT! there were lots of updates about my baby hannah!

well, she already eats solid foods like mashed potatoes, carrots, sayote, banana and drinks apple and orange juice! she eats a lot and drinks a lot of milk. i switched her from ENFAPRO A+ to PROMIL GOLD coz she doesn't drink much of enfapro. i dunno, i think she doesn't like her previous milk, which confuses me coz she really likes enfalac a+ a lot.

she also knows how to distinguish a stranger to a person she knows well, like me or my mother or ate nora. she cried a lot when my cousin Tin tried to carried her. she now smiles and laughs a lot. she now lies on her stomach but still doesn't crawl, maybe next month.

she had her IPD vaccination last jan.10. for the first time, her cry was so loud which meant that she was hurt. there would be a second shot on feb. i pity my pretty baby :(

i'm now starting to scout for possible suppliers for hannah's 1st birthday in july...i know i's a bit too early but what can i do? i'm one excited mom! i am definite as who to get to make her birthday dress, cake and balloons. while i will get the loot bags and giveaways at the ever dependable DIVI! the tarp and invites will just get to be printed while i'll do my own design. i'll just post any updates here if i get to do something for hannah's birthday...


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Bambie said...

Hi baby Hannah... your so cute like me hehe - baby anzu

Hi.. magka-batch sila ng baby ko.. katuwa no.. Start na pala sya kain ng solid foods. Si baby ko 3 mos pa lang.


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