Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cute Baby Shower Invitations

I really love to plan a lot! Be it travelling, baby showers, anniversaries or birthdays planning, when events like this needed someone in charge to do this, I will volunteer to do it myself. So when my sister got pregnant, me together with her best buddies planned to give her a baby shower.

All's well with our planning like we already had a venue, food, keepsakes, guests until the shower invitations. I am very particular with invitations. I'd like it to be unique and cute and of high quality paper. So after searching and searching for possible shower invites, at last I stumbled upon this very cute baby boy shower invitations! My sister's gonna have a baby boy so I was particularly looking for boy invitations. There's a very wide variety of designs available, like teddy bears, elephants, duckies, pacifiers, bibs, etc. Most of the designs have a unisex theme which means there's also plenty of designs for baby girl invitations.

Guests must look something forward to when it comes to parties or celebrations. The best way to make them feel excited coming starts with a wonderful and unique invitation. I'm just glad that the party became successful because of all of this: delicious food, exciting games and prizes, wonderful guests and of course cute baby shower invitations.

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