Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Planning

Every woman in this world dreams of receiving a diamond engagement ring from the man she loves. It just goes to show how much he is willing to spend the rest of his life with you. When my husband gave me an engagement ring, I was thrilled and excited for a new journey that both of us will take and that is marriage. I didn't know that he's been scouting engagement ring shops all over the town so I was caught by surprise when he asked me to marry him. Obviously I said yes and we immediately planned the wedding after our engagement.

I remembered being a hands on bride-to-be when we were planning our wedding. Every detail counted from the wedding singer to the design of my wedding gown, it was all my personal choice. However when we were shopping for wedding rings, my husband has the final say because he knows more about choosing the best ring for both of us.

As always, there's nothing such as a perfect wedding. I remembered not all of my wishes for my wedding came true, but I just am so happy that I shared that special day with all my loved ones and friends and it was indeed a truly memorable experience worthy to share with my daughter when she grows up.

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