Saturday, December 4, 2010

Joy of Christmas light displays

Guest post written by Grant Beck

I love to just take my family riding around in the mini van and go and look at all of our neighbors' Christmas lights. Any time that we go to the movies or out to eat or are just out at night, I take the long way home so that we can go and look at lights.

But we also put up on our lights too. I was online ordering some replacement strands for some of the lighted decorations that we have and that's when I came across this website and read it. After doing that I decided to change over my internet access to that company at home.

I take a lot of pride in my Christmas light displays so I like to make sure that they look all updated and ordered a lot of replacement strands and bulbs so that I could go ahead and fix things as they broke, which always happens a lot during the holiday season. I actually like to check things periodically to make sure that everything looks okay and find stuff while I can ahead of time.

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