Friday, December 3, 2010

Friends Catching Up

My childhood friend who is incidentally working as a nurse in London, and I recently had a chat to catch up with each other. We were both so busy with our respective jobs and family so it was a welcome treat to talk about what’s going on with our lives. She showed me her latest picture taken at the hospital where she currently works. She looks so cute wearing her scrubs so I told her how I liked the way she dressed up on her work. She told me that the scrubs were their hospital uniform and that they were given different scrub sets to wear on their duty. I then told her how nurses today has become so stylish on their hospital uniforms unlike before that you can see white only uniforms on hospitals.

I also showed her my latest picture and she told me that I really looked good but needs to shed some pounds. .. ouch! I assured her that I’m trying to diet even if it’s really hard because I do love to eat a lot! Well, anyway, we had a really good time catching up that we lost track of time. I wish we can get to chat more often. Friends, besides family are the people that matters most to me.

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