Monday, September 20, 2010

Nido Jr. for Hannah!

I've been wanting to change Hannah's milk from GPA to another one since she's been having an on and off bout with constipation for the longest time. I've tried Lactum but she doesn't like it. Now, after her last can of GPA, I thought well now's the right time to change her milk. So I bought the smallest box of Nido Jr. to see if she would like it and guess what? She loved it! Wow, now I can breathe a big sigh of relief since she already pooed without much difficulty unlike before were we had to insert a suppository on her bottom just so she could poo.

Besides the Nido Jr. that I bought her, I also bought Nestle fresh milk which she would drink come breakfast time. I tried to let her drink Nestle fresh milk last Saturday and she also likes it a lot. The reason I've decided to let Hannah drink fresh milk is because I've read that children over 2 years of age should be given low fat(reduced) milk which has 1 to 2% fat. But milk should be limited by taking not less than 375mls of milk and not more than 600mls because this is only one part of what toddlers eat and they still need to eat other types of solid foods too. I'm just fortunate that Hannah's not a picky eater and she likes eating mostly rice, chicken, pastas, bread and biscuits. I also let her drink juice once in awhile especially during snack time.

I hope Hannah would continue to become healthy and strong especially when she starts her pre-school next year.

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