Thursday, October 21, 2010

Costume Shopping for the Kids

Guest post written by Sidney Owens

I bought the kids' Halloween costumes online the past two years. However, Jason turned four this year and had lots of big ideas about what he wanted to dress up as, so I decided we would buy the costumes in-store. I knew that I wanted to dress Emma as a pumpkin, but Jason couldn't narrow down his list of choices. So yesterday afternoon I got Jason and Emma dressed, grabbed Emma's diaper bag, and then headed out the door. Dan is out of town for two more days on his business conference, so I made sure to set the home security alarm from before we left. We first went to the costume shop that recently opened up in town. They had a great selection of costumes, but they were really geared more towards adults. We left the store without buying anything and headed to Party City. As you can probably imagine, the place was packed! There were children and parents everywhere you turned. I found an adorable baby pumpkin costume for Emma and it was even marked forty percent off! Jason decided he wanted to dress up as either a doctor or a ninja. Ninja ended up winning because the costume came in red, his favorite color. He tried on the costume and it fit well, so we went to checkout and paid for the costumes.

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Anonymous said...

We always liked making costumes from scratch. That was great fund when our kids (now 15 and 13) were much younger. God bless!

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