Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kindergarten Camp Out

Guest written by our friend Sergio Chaney

At the beginning of the school year the kindergartners have a camp out. I have helped both my nine year old and my seven year old with this adventure. This year my final child headed off to kindergarten and I got to help out with her camping day as well. By this time most of the parents know me as well as the teachers. I'm kind of a local hero because I've mastered how to set up nearly every tent and know the best course of action for the events.

For each of the trips I'd get all my camping gear ready and set the alarm (click here for more information on alarm systems) before heading off to school. It's setting up tents in the football field behind the school. I suppose it's not really camping but the kids sure feel like it is. We have edible fire that is made of chocolate for the logs and candy corn for the flames. My personal specialty is the corn husk dolls. I can make one in about seven minutes and what's even more impressive is that I have had some of the kindergartners make very impressive dolls on their own. That was my final camp out for my children but I might go back and help again next year. I wouldn't want to let my unique set of skills go to waste.

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